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Dr. Maureen Stoffa offers a Personalized Internal Medicine Practice that puts an emphasis on patient relationships and individualized medical treatment. Dr. Stoffa’s practice is limited in size which allows each patient to receive the best possible care, exactly when care is needed. Patients are guaranteed appointment times within one business day for acute issues and also will be given Dr. Stoffa’s personal cell phone number, where she can be reached 24/7, especially after office hours when her staff is unable to answer calls. When a patient arrives at the office there will be no time spent in the waiting room as he/she will be immediately brought to an open room by Dr. Stoffa’s nurse.

Because of her small practice, patients can also expect extended office visits where patients will never be rushed out the door but instead be the one who dictates the length of an appointment. The flexibility of a size-reduced, intimate practice gives Dr. Stoffa the opportunity to form strong medical relationships with each of her patients, one that includes follow up calls after appointments from the office to ensure any issue has been resolved, a higher availability of appointment times, personal calls from Dr. Stoffa with test results and an overall motivation by both the physician and her staff to make certain patient care is a top priority and all expectations are not only being met, but consistently surpassed.

Dr. Stoffa is a part of St. Louis Medical Clinic, a respected multi-specialty group founded in 1939, which gives her full access to the clinic’s laboratory and radiology services, as well as access to all of the office’s specialists.

Dr. Stoffa has hospital privileges at Missouri Baptist Medical Center.

The annual fee covers the enhanced physician access. Office visits, laboratory tests, X-rays etc., are billed to you and your insurance as usual Dr. Stoffa is "in-network" with most plans. If you belong to a plan she does not participate in, please inform us so we may explore joining that plan. You will want to have health insurance to cover the cost of office visits, testing and treatment.

Dr. Stoffa began her Personalized Medicine Practice in order to treat her patients with the same care and attention she herself would want to be treated. The family atmosphere and personalized service is something Dr. Stoffa and her staff believes makes the practice unique – one we trust you will find continuously rewarding and dependable.

We hope to see you soon!