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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours?

Phone hours are 9:00-4:30
Office open: 7:30-4:30

When are the flu shots given?

This may vary depending on the upcoming flu season. When we get ready to give our walk-in flu shots, we will put a recording on the main message to inform you. Otherwise, if you have an appointment with your physician in the fall, please check to see when your doctor would prefer you get it. We want to make sure that it lasts for you the entire flu season.

How do I reach my doctor after office hours?

You may call our exchange with emergencies after 4:30 p.m. at (314) 388-6300.

How do I get my prescription refilled?

Please call your pharmacy with your refill request 24 hours before you need it. It is helpful to give your pharmacy your bottle RX#. The pharmacy will contact our office.

In order to have your prescription refilled, you must have been in to see your doctor within the past 12 months.

What information do I need to bring with me to my office visit?

Photo ID, Insurance cards and copayments. For detailed appointment information as well as our registration forms, please refer to our forms page.